The Seattle WP

Posted on September 30, 2009


I’ve always been attracted to the city of Seattle. I’m not sure why that is, I have no family there that I know of, and it’s about as far away from where I’ve grown up, as I could possibly go while remaining in the contiguous states. Maybe that’s why it calls to me. I like to think that the city’s musical history, cultural focus, green tech, and intellectual population are the reasons I love Seattle so much though. One of my best friends recently left for his mission to Seattle, WA. Word from him, is that it is indeed an awesome city. It’d be way cool if I was called to serve there as well, but if not, Bumbershoot will be there when I return, and perhaps an apartment after I finish my schooling at BYU.

So, the reason I tell you all of this, is to give you some story on the reasoning behind this week’s wallpaper. It’s an artistic rendition on the Seattle Skyline, and it’s pretty awesome. You can thank 9pm for this one.

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