When I Was Little I Wished I Was a Superhero. I Sort of Still Do.

Posted on October 15, 2009


when I was little I wished I was a superhero. I sort of still do.

I recently read an address from President John F. Kennedy given on September 12, 1962. I personally feel that this speech is one of the greatest of this century. In this speech, President John F. Kenney helped our nation grasp the vision of space exploration at a time when it still didn’t seem very realistic to go to the moon. We were behind the Soviet Union in space technology as it was. This speech was a turning point for the United States space exploration program. It was Kennedy’s vision and his ability to portray that vision that really put us in the space race. Just a few years after this speech, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.

Historically, great leaders have always had great vision, the ability to portray that vision to those they lead, and drive them to accomplish it. Yes, this even includes Napoleon. He may have lead the French to catastrophe, but they followed him to the very end. Better examples would be Augustus Caesar, the creator of an empire, in every essence of the word. Abraham Lincoln, coming from humble beginnings, kept this nation from dividing during the Civil War. James Madison, the first philosopher to ever endorse Democracy and to create a written constitution to stand the test of time. Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence which inspired the American colonists into a unified nation, and into a revolutionary war.

There is a reason I share all this, it isn’t just non-sense ramblings of my thoughts. Well, I guess it is, but I do wish to make a point. I feel that we as human beings need to get back to our roots. We need to remember that we are human, and that we are not invincible. I think we have gotten to a point, where mentally we believe we deserve something higher than we have worked for. We believe that because we are a citizen in a great nation, that we automatically get something for it. Sadly, we do get lots of things for being citizens in great nations, including being satisfied with mediocrity. There is something else we get though, that many of us are ignoring; we get the opportunity to do great things. Never has the world known such a time, where anyone can do anything they wish, and have it affect a number of people. Not only do we have this opportunity to do great things, we have the responsibility to do great things. For the benefit of all human civilization, it is a calling to us all, to take advantage of this opportunity. Our civilizations have gotten to this point, because of individuals who became ‘Superheroes’. Let’s not stop the progression now, and dam ourselves up. Let the greatness flow, and don’t hesitate to follow your dreams. You live in a time, where everything you need to follow your dreams is already packed and ready to go with you. You just have to go.

One of the first steps to become a great, is to have a vision. I ask you to start your journey now, by sharing your vision. What are you dreams? What is your vision? What is something that you have always desired to do? What are your passions? What do you want to see this world become?

I myself have always second guessed myself in my decision of a career, simply because I wasn’t sure it would make enough money to support my family, and still allow me to enjoy my family. Then I realized that I could follow my dreams, do what I enjoy doing, and still be able to make money and enjoy my family. I just have to go for it. That thing I wish to do; is inspire people to become a greater person than they already are. I think I’m already on the right path, and when I go on my mission, hopefully I will be able to get started on that dream.

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