NCAA Football – Week 8 – 2009

Posted on October 20, 2009


(8)Texas Christian Horned Frogs at (16)Brigham Young Cougars

BYU QB Max Hall

Well, we didn’t win in the blowout fashion that I predicted. Still though, this game was a great morale boost for the entire team thanks to Max Hall. Not only is this the second game in a row for him without an Interception, but the play he made in the last seconds of the first half showed to everyone that he is a seasoned QB. It was the play of the game and everyone was talking about it. Good stuff and what we needed. The team has a little more trust in Max as they go on to face the mighty defense of TCU. Excellent win for the Cougars.

I was debating who I wanted to pull for this week as ESPN acknowledges the existence of the Mountain West Conference by bringing College Gameday to Provo, Utah. I’m a BYU fan through and through, but I hate the BCS as much as the next guy, and anytime a team is looking to bust it, I’m all for ’em. Both teams are strong enough to do so, but the Horned Frogs are in the better position, and whichever loses this game, loses their chance to bust. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, but then I thought about it a little more. If TCU was to lose, it is still to a ranked opponent and a conference rival, so the damage wouldn’t be as severe. If BYU was to lose however, they would probably drop back into the 20s, and be looked at as the same BYU team we see every year; inconsistent, a good team all the same, yet unpredictable. BCS Buster or not, I would much rather see BYU bust out of that stereotype. If BYU defeats TCU, I’ll be happy with their season. They take down the Utes as well, and I’ll be uber happy. They take down the Utes impressively, I’ll get to watch them go to something bigger than the Las Vegas Bowl and exert noises I never knew I could.

BYU 30, TCU 20

Auburn Tigers at (9)Louisiana State Tigers

Kentucky Breaks Up Another Pass

We are so close to being back to the team we had in 2007, it hurts when we just barely miss the mark. Our defense isn’t quite up to par yet, especially for SEC play, and our offense couldn’t get a solid rhythm set up against the Wildcats. Plays like the one above plagued us all night. Pass after pass, was broken up; Chris Todd went 10/24 for pass attempts. We can thank Special Teams once again for making the games close at least. We’re getting there…

Now for the LSU game. First of, I’d just like to state that I hate LSU. I honestly wish they weren’t even a part of the SEC. Everything about the school is terrible, and I don’t care who is playing against them, I want them to be pounded into the ground.[/rant]

Even with our horrible team, last year we were able to take it to LSU, and that at least makes me proud a little of the Auburn Tigers of ’08. We still lost yes, but it was only a 26-21 loss. A lot of people outside of the SEC and Auburn don’t realize this, but there is a bit of a rivalry in between these two teams, quite a bit of a rivalry. When Nick Saban coached at LSU, he grew to hate Auburn, and when he became the Head Coach at Alabama, I knew we were in trouble. (I was right.) I’d almost go as far to say that this is the second biggest rivalry in the SEC. With that being said, I really don’t know what is going to happen in this game. Neither team this year has that ‘fire’ yet being the main reason. This rivalry doesn’t seem as hyped up this year which is weird, but it’s the truth, and another curve ball for predicting this game. Stats, the one thing that stands true for predictions no matter what. Auburn has outplayed LSU in every category, except for defense. We’ve put up more points, rushed for more yards, and thrown for more yards. I think this will all come down to LSU doing what Kentucky did to us, stopping our offense. I’ve said it time and time again, ‘Defense wins football games.’ If they can do that, then they’ll win, because they won’t have to worry about our defense too much. Luckily I think this will be one of the easier teams for our defense to stop. Just look at how we both fared against Mississippi State. Auburn won 49 – 24, and LSU only won 30 – 26. We’ve got a real chance to win here, let’s just hope Auburn opens their eyes and sees this chance.

Auburn 23, LSU 17

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