Music Monday – 11.2.2009

Posted on November 2, 2009


I’m dropping my old brand of MooKooJoe. It’s cool and all, but I want to be me, Joseph S. It’s going to be an interesting transition, but I’m always looking for change and adventure. This also means, I need a new name for the Podcast/Playlist that I bring each week. For now, I’m just going with ‘Awesome Sauce’. Most likely, I’ll just leave it at that. Anyhow, I’m not having the greatest of days and I’m absolutely smothered with academic stuff, so no podcast this week. I still made a playlist though, so go download and enjoy these sweet tunes. I mean awesome tunes.

Since I’m not giving you a podcast, then I’ll at least give you a little description of why I chose each song. Like I do in the podcast you know?

First, we have a song by Kanye West. Why? Well, that’s who I went as for Halloween. Yes, I had a microphone, and many “I’ma let you finish…” puns were thrown out. Perhaps too many. No, no pictures shall be posted.

Good Life by Kanye West

Second, is a song by Loretta Lynn. I don’t like a whole lot of country, mainly because it is ridiculously cliche’ and boring, in my opinion. I do like some country music, mainly the stuff that has its own true character. Loretta Lynn does this, and the song tells a story as simple as you can possibly tell one; she just tells it.

Little Red Shoes by Loretta Lynn

Third song, is our Smashing Pumpkins song of the week. Staying true, I’ve got yet another excellent song for you all from the Pumpkins. I’ve been listening to Pisces Iscariot quite a bit lately, and this song in particularly. Just a good song.

Whir by Smashing Pumpkins

Fourth, yes I shall keep numerically describing these songs. Tom Waits performing “Take It With Me”. I always love a good story, a good true story, something that has actually happened. These stories make up the truly great songs, books, and films. This is one of those great songs.

Take It With Me by Tom Waits

Fifth, is a more uppity song. Cruising on my way to a Halloween party, this song came on shuffle, and I realized that it totally should have been on last week’s podcast! Since it wasn’t, I’m putting it up now. Enjoy, and wake the dead, yo’.

Wake the Dead by Family Force 5

Sixth, is totally free. That’s right, a free song! Everybody loves free stuff, especially when there are no strings attached. I recently discovered this group, and love their non-rhythmic-rhythm along with their lack of lyrics. Did I mention this portion of awesome sauce is free?

Thundersnow by Cougar

Seventh, is a suggested song from listener @JonYoung320 on Twitter. I’m not the biggest “Alice in Chains” fan, but this playlist is for all genres and for all listeners.

Rotten Apple by Alice in Chains

There’s your playlist, and I may keep doing this in written format. I think I actually enjoyed doing it this way more, than when recording. Probably because I don’t have to deal with setting everything up, recording, and putting it all together. Much less time-consuming, and I need all the time I can get right now. We’ll see. Well, what do you prefer? My narrating or my brief descriptions? Lemme’ know, and while you’re at it, suggest some songs for next week.

Zune Playlist File for all Zune Nation listeners.

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