American Education Theory: The Prison for Dreams

Posted on November 3, 2009


Yesterday, my Mom calls me with some news. There is an art contest going down in Selma, and first place is $100. To win, you simply have to create a depiction of Weaver Castle using any medium you wish. Then she tells me that she wants me to enter it because she knows that I can and most likely will win it, but that she doesn’t want me to pick up a single brush, pen, pencil, marker, or any other item used to create art, until I finish my Algebra II course. What?! Come on Mom, what a waste of a phone call, and a magnificent way to keep me motivated to do something with my actual talents. I’m terrible at arithmetic and there is no future for me in it, and I’m pretty dang good when it comes to art, so why for the love of all my dreams must I put it before my actual talents?

I understand I need this stuff to get through college, but when it all comes down to it, it still makes no sense even then. If I have no desire to learn something, no desire to do anything with it, then why should I waste my time learning it, just so I can be further trained in something I actually care to learn about? It is an absolute waste of time and money on my part. I hate the whole idea of an American education. Let us be free and go after the things that bring us happiness, without having to deal with so much non-sense. Is that really too much to ask?

In a fit of rebellion and sticking it to the man, I grabbed a Sharpie or two out of my basket of various writing/imaginative projectors, and created something. No, I didn’t go to work on my Weaver Castle project, that would be in complete defiance of my Mom, I’m not that rebellious. I did however express my feelings, and this is how I felt:

Prison of Dreams

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