Colorado River

Posted on November 5, 2009


I know it’s Thursday. Don’t judge me, yesterday afternoon was a little hectic. Here’s your wallpaper for this week.

Colorado River

Photo is by Wolfgang Staudt at Flickr.

I chose this week’s wallpaper thanks to a post by @_happygolucky_ on her blog, The Unconventional Geek. You can find said post and blog here.

She asked at the end of the post, where we would like to go if we could just pick up our bags and go right now. My choice was to go and raft down the Colorado River. Not just a small section of the Colorado River, but I want to make the week long trip down the river. The one where you’re out on the river, away from everything, in tune with the real world around you, for an entire week. This trip is one of my life goals, and I can’t wait to mark it off the list, perhaps multiple times.

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