Mos Def

Posted on November 12, 2009


It’s a day late once again, but for good reason once again; I was having a real life. I guess I should start scheduling these weekly posts, just in case I get busy with a real life on these days. That way you’ll be sure to get one every week, and get it on time.

On to the wallpaper. This week is a custom made one, kind of. I took a screenshot of the Zune Software’s ‘Now Playing’ screen while listening to some Mos Def. For everyone not a member of Zune Nation, the Now Playing screen in the software is awesome and changes along with the artist you’re listening to. It also displays different stats and info about the song and album you are listening to. Way cool, and another great feature I love about Zune. Also, I love the colors in this shot; green and blue, Seattle.

Mos Def

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