Posted on November 19, 2009


I totally just made up a new word, ‘De-stress-ify.’ If you’ve had your Basic English course, then you can probably put it all together and get the meaning. For those that haven’t had this course, it basically means to get rid of stress.

Stress encompasses us as we go through our daily lives.  It’s human nature to have at the back of our mind, small and menial things, which eventually work their way forward to the front of our brain; The part of the brain which is used for logical reasoning, and the mainframe of almost all decision making. Once these thoughts get to this point, they begin to clutter up our decision making, and our entire logical thought process. This is what we commonly know as stress, and it can truly make life miserable. Headaches, tight muscles, and weariness are some examples of the physical effects of stress. Stress can also have a large effect on our emotions, because we simply can’t think straight.

So, how do we rid ourselves of this atrocity? Simple really, we just need to relax.  Take a break, let your mind sort through all of the mumble jumble, and quit adding more debris to the pile of disorder. Give your brain a chance to clean house. Now there are many ways of doing this, and I’m sure you already have a couple ways that you like to relax. Real quickly though, I want to share with you my personal destressifying routine, because it’s the greatest part of my week and I can’t go on without sharing my secret with someone!

My Secret Three-step Process of Destressifying

  1. 20 Minutes of Exercise
  2. 20 Minutes of Meditation
  3. 20 Minutes of Spiritual/Scripture Study

It’s simple, three 20 minute segments, each concentrating on the major aspects of a balanced persona; Physical health, Mental health, and Emotional Health.  I like to call this whole process my, Hour of Power. Catchy eh’?

My twenty minutes of exercise usually includes a light cardio workout, followed by stretching. I then move onto meditating; Clearing my mind and just trying think about nothing, and fair warning, this is the hardest part and a lot harder than most people think.  Once you do get the noise under control though, it’s wonderful. Lastly, I study the scriptures and different talks from the leaders of my church. I’m always able to find great advice within these resources, and by the time I get to the end of this stage, I usually have some great new ideas to take care of those things stressing me out.  I understand that you may not be a Latter-day Saint, so you may want to find other good wholesome material, but I highly recommend any and all talks from the General Authorities of my church. It’s just good solid advice on life, always.

One last thing; after finishing up with your Hour of Power, sit down and enjoy a good book or movie.  Nothing full of violence, intensity, sexual situations, or anything that really raises your heart rate.  Make sure it is something that you can sort of continue your relaxation with, and that it’s something that leaves you with a good feeling inside.

I encourage you to try out this method and see how it works for you. Personally for me, like I said before, it is the greatest part of my week.

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