The Iron Bowl – 2009

Posted on November 30, 2009


No. 2 Alabama, stayed perfect with an imperfect 26-21 victory Friday over Auburn, taking the lead with one heckuva drive in the final minutes, and leaving Auburn down by five and only 1:26 left to get those five points. Needless to say, Auburn was unable to pull it off.

In my opinion there were three keys to winning this game.

  1. Shut down the Heisman candidate, Number 22 Mark Ingram.
  2. Come out guns blazing and get the crowd going immediately.
  3. After getting their heads down, it would be the job of the defense to keep ’em down.

We were able to check off our number one priority with ease. Ingram’s longest rush in the game was for eight yards, and his total yardage was a meager 30. We didn’t just hinder him, we completely shut him out of the game.

I think it is safe to say that we were able to accomplish our number two task as well. We held Alabama to a three and out on their opening drive; we then took our opening drive a full 80 yards to the end zone thanks to Terrell Zachary who ran 67 yards, untouched to score. The stadium went into an uproar. On our ensuing kick-off, Wes Byrum began walking back to kick the ball off, when suddenly he turned and the entire Auburn team followed. On-side kick, recovered by Auburn, and driven once again to the endzone for another score. The stadium had some sense of euphoria just emanating from it. I was all the way in Stone Mountain, GA watching it from the Evergreen Resort’s Sports Bar and I could feel it. I had been saying it for weeks, we were gonna’ take the Iron Bowl, no doubt.

Then we found out why Alabama is ranked No. 2 in the nation. As much as I would like to discredit that ranking, they really do know how to simply win games. I can no longer blame lady luck for being on their side; They’ve beaten Auburn, and they are worthy of that ranking. It may have taken them an entire quarter and more to do it, but they were able to reign us in, and tie the game up at the half. We came out blazing again, to score another big play with Darvin Adams going 72 yards for a touchdown. We were up by seven and the crowd was roaring once again. 10 minutes later, Bama was only able to put up two Field Goals, and the crowd was still going. I personally was ignoring my awesome BBQ Nachos for my finger nails. We were only up by one point with an entire quarter to go, and Alabama looked like as composed as ever. I’ve seen that look too many times this season from Alabama. They started their final drive with the 8:27 left on the clock and ended it with 1:24 left on the clock after 15 plays, 79 yards, and six more points. Luck doesn’t create drives like that; playmakers like Julio Jones and a team that understands what it takes to win, create drives like that.

As disappointed as I am that we lost, I’m proud of the game we played, I’m proud to be an Auburn Tiger, and I can’t wait to receive the news next year on who won the Iron Bowl when I’m somewhere else in the world.

War Eagle.

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