Jordan-Hare Stadium

Posted on December 3, 2009


I totally forgot yesterday was Wednesday, until I had to leave for a number of activities, the first of which I was late for because I totally forgot it was Wednesday. Next week, I promise, you will have your new wallpaper, on Wednesday.

This week is a shot of Jordan-Hare Stadium located at Auburn University. In my personal opinion, it’s the best stadium in the SEC. Maybe because it is Auburn’s Stadium, but I really do love the design of it, and the classic feel of it. It’s not like half the other stadiums in the SEC which are just really big bowls. It has style and class, just like Auburn University. Yes, I’m still on an emotional high because of the amazing game we played in the Iron Bowl, even though we lost. Honestly, after last year’s fiasco, it feels so good to have a winning record and a team that can actually compete. You don’t even know.

You can find this wallpaper, and a few others here.

War Eagle.

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