Music Monday – 12.7.2009

Posted on December 8, 2009


Finals this week, so I have a totally legitimate reason for being late on this post.

1. – A Song for a Son by The Smashing Pumpkins – Newest release from the Pumpkins! Billy plays guitar again! So good to hear him shred again, and so good to hear some good stuff out of the studios again. It’s been nearly two years since the American Gothic EP was released. Great song, and a definite glimpse of hope for things to come from the new group. Oh, and this song is free, along with the next 43 installments from Teardrop and Kaleidyscope. Download it from their website right now.

2. – A New Game by Sam Spence – I purchased Madden NFL ’07 for like a dollar the other day. First song that came on when I hit the main menu, and I instantly went to download it. This is the remix version from NFL Films and it is sweetness. Makes me want to get a group of guys together to play some football whenever it pops up on shuffle. Love it. Available at

3. – The Instrumental by Lupe Fiasco – Another song on Madden NFL ’07. What made this song awesome? First touchdown I scored, this song started playing afterwards. Seahawks made that TD by the way. So yeah I had to grab this one as well. Rather catchy, and awesome after a touchdown. Available at

4. – Daft Punk is Playing at My House by LCD Soundsystem – An old favorite that popped up on shuffle the other day and I thought deserved a place on the playlist. It’s dope, and that’s all I’ve really got to say about it. Available at

5. – Cherry Cola by Eagles of Death Metal – Not actually death metal for those that don’t know the group. They’re hilarious, fun, and have some great songs. My brother actually has a t-shirt from the lead singer. Should note that the title of the album you can find this song on, is Death by Sexy. Yes, the lead singer tried to kill the audience with his sexy, by pulling off his shirt and throwing it to the crowd. That is the shirt my brother now has folded away neatly in his drawer. Available at

6. – Ma Belle by The Smashing Pumpkins – This is a bonus song from their album Zeitgeist. This is the one move by the Pumpkins that I still cannot support. Depending on where you bought your copy of the album, you would get a different bonus song. If you picked it up from Target you would get one bonus song, while purchasing it from iTunes or Best Buy would allow you to get a different bonus song. This means loyal fans such as I, would have to buy four different copies, just to have a complete collection of all songs. I don’t have 40 extra dollars to spend on four other songs. I pirated all the bonus songs, but I have since bought them all, so I’m in the clear I guess. They’re now giving away 44 songs, so they have redeemed themselves. Go Pumpkins. Available at via Zeitgeist DVD/CD Limited Edition Purchase

7. – Stand Inside Your Love by The Smashing Pumpkins – Yes, another Smashing Pumpkins song this week. I’ve been doing a lot of studying for my exams, and something about the Pumpkins’ music just puts me in a open-minded mode and stuff seems to just sink in better. Hopefully I’ll do better on Algebra II and English this coming Thursday thanks to this recent overload of Pumpkins tunes. Available at

Playlist for the ZuneNation!

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