Favorite Albums of 2009 – Part Two

Posted on December 14, 2009


A few days ago I posted up my favorite albums of the year for the genres of Rock, Blues/Folk, and Hip Hop. For my Music Monday post this week, I’m going to cover the genres of Metal, Live, and Comedy. The Live genre is for actual live shows, recorded and released by the artists. Lets get started!


Drop-B tuning. That’s right folks, Drop D 1.5 steps down. Heavy, and add in the most ridiculous amount of double pedal action seen throughout one album, and you’ve got the perfect album to just get you pumped up. I swear, listening to this on the way to football games has improved my game ten-fold. So fun!

Lyrically speaking, they sound like a man near the brink of insanity in this album. Add in the fact that the music reminds me of a five year old “ADHD” afflicted child on a sugar-high; this album is dope. If you like metal, you’ll like this. If you don’t, this may just get you hooked.

When I first heard this album I didn’t really know what to think about it. I liked it, but it wasn’t something that I would find myself listening to more than two or three times. Then all of a sudden, rave reviews about it started popping up everywhere. I hate reviews in the first place, but no matter where you go, people have something good to say about it. Gave it another listen, and it is a lot better than I originally gave it credit for. Give it a second chance, it deserves it.


Nirvana’s headlining gig at the 1992 Reading Festival looms infamously large because of that amazingly creepy photo of Kurt being wheeled onto the stage looking like a manbearpig. Kurt then comes alive and Nirvana launches into a 90-minute onslaught of fugly-beautiful grunge-guitar fury, and now we have it all on a lovely commercial disc. Word.

The album’s 17 tracks were recorded in ten different cities in Europe and the United States during his recent 2008 tour, and then put together to recreate the experience of a single concert. The second disc of this set, Tom Tales, is a compilation of moments from the piano set that was a part of the show each night. In total 40 minutes of Tom rambling on about whatever the hell he pleases, but it remains consistently interesting, gripping, and alway humorous. Oh, and stay tuned to the end for a nice surprise. Best Live album of the year, hands down.

Only two Live albums. I haven’t honestly bought any others, so there ya’ go. Onto…


A title with no significance other than the fact that Benson thinks it sounds funny, pretty much says it all. He has great bits covering all different classic comedy categories throughout, and just listening to the guy is funny in itself. Definitely one of the best comedic voices of all time. Good stuff.

You would think his meta-commentary from himself as the audience would get old. Somehow it doesn’t seem to. You would think his rambling about one topic for five minutes, only to get onto another topic via meta-commentary from himself as the audience would get old. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to. More classic, Jim Gaffigan.
I was going to add in another comic, but I’ve decided against it. As far as comedy releases this year, it was pretty poor year in my book. So pick up these two, and cross your fingers for next year.
Alright, this concludes my favorite releases of 2009 series, as far as music/audio goes. I’m still debating doing favorite for films, books, and what not. If you care for those lists, comment and let me know will eh’.
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