Rainy Days

Posted on December 16, 2009


Lots and lots of rain has come down upon the state of Alabama over the past week. I personally have loved it, unlike everyone else around these parts. It’s funny, the first thing people tell me about, rebuke me about, when I mention my dream of living in Seattle, is the dreadful amount of rainfall. Fun fact for ya’; New York city has more rainfall than Seattle on an annual basis. I understand that New York gets all of that rainfall in droves, and that Seattle seems to linger in a state of perpetual gray skies. Well, why do you think the Emerald City has the greenest greens, and the bluest blues? Because it is also the city with the grayest grays. A city which all encompassingly tells us to take the bad with the good. What a great motto live by right? Also, like I mentioned before, I love the rain. I’m not you and I know what I want with my life.

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