Music Monday – 12.28.2009

Posted on December 28, 2009


Spacious Thoughts (Feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith) by N.A.S.A.

N.A.S.A., North America/South America. That’s the alias of the two guys who made this album happen. Featuring a plethora of stars, from Tom Waits and David Byrne to Kanye West and Santogold. This is probably the best song on the entire album, and most likely because it is the only song featuring Tom Waits; Tom Waits spitting rhymes. Awesome.

Little Cream Soda by The White Stripes

Don’t you hate it when you’re writing a song, and then you hear something that sounds so similar, it completely ruins everything you’ve put your hard work into? Yeah, that happened to me this past week when I was introduced to Little Cream Soda. Blah’.

The Blizzard of ’96 by The Walkmen

The Blizzard of ’96, is a great song, by a band that I don’t listen to often enough. I was looking through my collection, for songs to put on my annual Mixtape I make for Christmas presents, when I came across it. So glad I did.

Smith Hill by Deer Tick

I don’t know what I like about this song so much. I think I just really like his voice, and the lyrics; which for me personally, tell the story quite well, of this one gal I knew. Her loss.

That’s All by Genesis

Phil Collins. ‘Nuff said I believe.

Discombobulate by Hans Zimmer

Free on the Zune Marketplace, at least until tomorrow, I believe. It is from the new Sherlock Holmes Film’s soundtrack, which is one of the best I’ve heard in a while, and I can only hope the film will be just as good. Hopefully I shall find out tomorrow.

Finale by Young Money

Don’t know if you’ve heard of Lil Wayne’s new project, but it is rather dope. Basically it is a bunch of amazing wrappers of lines, all coming together to create some amazing material. Definitely some of the best lines ever are on their debut, and I’m sure more is to come.

Zune Playlist file for the Zune Nation!

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