Posted on January 3, 2010


For my New Years post, enjoy an excerpt from my Journal.

I woke up this New Years Day, and this feeling came over me, to just go outside. So I did. I went outside and watched the sunrise this morning. Well, I didn’t exactly get to see the rising of the sun because it was one of those achromatic and albescent winter mornings, but I did get to enjoy a wonderful and pleasantly frosty walk across my parents’ land. As I walked, I thought about what my New Years resolutions were going to be. What was I going to do this year, which I didn’t do last year, to make myself a better person? The usual things that make it onto most people’s lists such as getting in shape, getting organized or getting finances balanced are things that I’m already doing in my life. So what target am I to set my sights on this year? I thought and thought and I honestly don’t have the slightest clue as to what I wish to accomplish this year. Wait that is a lie; I do know of one thing I hope to complete this year. That is to write in this journal at least once a day, until I have completely filled the pages with the story of my life. Well, the story of my life as far as the pages allows me to go. Then I guess I’ll have to start filling up another book. It’s a start I suppose; we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

This will be my first time to really try and keep a daily journal. It’s not looking so great, as I’ve already missed January the 2nd. In my defense I was traveling, and it isn’t the easiest or smartest thing to write in your journal while driving down the interstate. Throughout the rest of this week, I plan to think of a resolution each day, that I wish to accomplish throughout the year 2010. A resolution mini-series if you would. Definitely looking forward to it.

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