2010 Resolutions

Posted on January 8, 2010


I wanted to do a mini-series on my resolutions for the year, but I found out that is more time-consuming than I thought. Instead I’m just doing this one big post to include all of my resolutions for the year 2010 and beyond. I’ll explain the beyond part later, onto the resolutions!

Go for at least one early morning walk every week.

After waking up New Years morning, and going for a wonderful wintry walk, I knew right then that I wanted to start doing this more often. So, starting this year, I want to set my alarm for 5:30 at least once a week and go for an early morning walk and watch the rising of the sun.

Read a new book every month.

For my past few English and Literature classes, I haven’t been asked to read that many novels or books, but countless short stories have consumed my literary diet for the past few months. I miss getting lost in other worlds for hours and hours. Now that I’ve finished all of my English and Literature classes, I want to get back to reading books.

Go camping at least once a month.

Over the past year I think I went camping once, which is a first for me. Usually I go camping fairly often, at least once or twice every two months. This year I want to get back to camping more often. To start, I’m going at the end of this month. Nothing like cold-weather camping to get me back in action.

Once a week, workout until I can’t lift a weight anymore.

I exercise regularly, but I’ve come to a kind of stalemate with my body. It doesn’t want to get any bigger, and I don’t have the money to purchase more weight. My solution, burn myself out with what I have, once a week. We’ll see how this works out, hopefully rather well.

Visit a new place.

This is kind of a recurring resolution, but I feel if I don’t write this one down, I won’t do it. When I say visit a new place, I mean visit a place that will take me longer than just one day to visit. I want it to be a long drive, a day of relaxing and enjoying where I’m at, and then a long drive home. Friends are invited.

Take one photo everyday.

This is something I thought about doing last year, and started doing, but decided I didn’t really want to do it. Pretty sure I want to do it this year, and so far so good.

Attend a Cirque du Soleil event.

I don’t think I ever wrote anything about this, but last year I went to Atlanta, GA to see a Cirque du Soleil performance. The show I went to was Kooza, and it is a show I will never forget. To this day I get warm fuzzies thinking about how awesome that show was. Right then I knew that one of my life goals would be to see a Soleil performance at least once a year. I’m already making plans to see the Alegria show in Indianapolis, IN. It’s on the same weekend as my birthday.

I’ve thought about each one of these resolutions quite a bit. They’re all things I want to do, and not only do, but continue to do them for years to come. I want these things to become life habits, not just something I do or don’t do in the year 2010. Kind of like the two recurring resolutions of ‘Visiting a New Place’ and ‘Witnessing a Cirque du Soleil Performance’.

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