NFL Conference Championship Weekend – 2010

Posted on January 21, 2010


New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

I have officially jumped on the Jets bandwagon. The fact of that matter is that Peyton Manning is just one guy. I didn’t write anything about their game against the Ravens but I thought the Colts were going to lose that game. That game showed you just how good Manning is, and that Peyton Manning can indeed be the deciding factor. Still, one man can only do so much by himself in the game of football. The Jets have a dominant defense and a superb running game. They will be sure to melt the clock, and score a few points at the same time. Not to mention they have the best Cornerback in the NFL, Darrelle Revis. If the Colts want to win this game, they’re going to have to stop the run, Manning needs to have one hell of a game, and they’re going to have to kick a few field goals. The Jets on the other hand need to remain high spirited, go out there and do what they do; create an upset.

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints

I thought the Saints were going to fall to the Cardinals last week, and just like the Colts, they proved me wrong. Just like the Colts though, I think this is their week to fall. These teams are virtually even, until it comes to defense. And defense of course, is what wins championships. The team with the better defense is the Vikings, and it is all because of Jared Allen. He’s going to bring the pressure to Brees play after play. Brett Favre will have the time to do his thing, while Brees will not, and that’s why the Vikings win the NFC Championship.

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