Records of January 2010

Posted on February 8, 2010


The Magnetic Fields: Realism

Set aside all instruments requiring and electric cord, and add crisp textures from neatly arranged acoustic instruments such as banjo, tuba, cello and accordion. Everything is included for a party; gorgeously dainty chamber pop, boisterous sing-alongs, and toy piano lullabies.
Favorite Tracks – “We Are Having a Hootenany”, “Seduced and Abandoned”, and “From a Sinking Boat”

Midlake: The Courage of Others

It would seem right at home soundtracking an ancient massacre on some desolate stretch of Scandinavia as galloping hordes with stone faces crush the enemy in slow-mo beneath their steel.
Favorite Tracks – “Winter Dies”, “The Horn”, and “Small Mountain”.

Patty Griffin: Downtown Church

The entire record was cut in a 160-year-old Presbyterian church that once welcomed Andrew Jackson and survived the Civil War as a hospital for Union soldiers. That alone, makes this record worth a single listen. If you’re a fan of gospel lyrics, but don’t care for the hoopla and loudness of most mainstream gospel music, then you will absolutely love this. It’s beautiful.
Favorite Tracks – “I Smell a Rat” and “Little Fire”

Vampire Weekend: Contra

It’s music that you want to hate but can’t because it’s too darn fun. In other words, it is craptastic. I normally wouldn’t mention something like this, but it seriously that craptastic! Try it, you’ll like it.
Favorite Tracks – “Cousins” and “Horchata”
Any records I miss that were released in January of 2010?
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