“We Win!” – The United States

Posted on February 22, 2010


If truth be told, it’s hard to demonize Canadians. It’s like having a hatred for vanilla ice cream. There’s nothing there to hate. Except for how insufferable they are about hockey. So beating them on their own turf, in their own Olympics, in front of 19,000 red clad Canadian fans is especially satisfying. Well, for most of America it is, but I’m actually kind of bummed about this. Hockey is the only thing that Canadians can rightfully call their own, and America has once again come to crash on someone’s pretty awesome parade.

I’m proud of the United States for their victory for sure, because I’m an American and proud of it; I only wish that we didn’t have to be the best at absolutely everything. Sometimes, we just need to let someone else have it, especially if it’s the only thing they do have. Yes, no matter how insufferable, insupportable, and intolerable they are when it comes to the one thing they do have. Heck, we’re that way with everything we do own. And with any luck we’ll be able to own the Biathlon as well, because I’d be all over rubbing that one in Norway’s face.

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