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There was a fanatical female in the jungle, in desperate need of a shower and dead set on finding her lost child. Hurley provided some much-needed comic relief, and Jack’s emotions got the better of him, leading to a violent mirror-smashing episode. Correct me if I am wrong, but haven’t we seen this episode before? I’m gonna’ say it, and I never thought I would, “Lost is boring me.”



Jack’s sister Claire has an appalling case of the Rousseau crazies. She has been out in the jungle, with a little company from her “friend”, being attacked by the Others for three years. Likewise, all she wants to know is: Where the heck is Aaron? Jin winds up at Claire’s camp after being caught in one of her traps, and gives Claire the lowdown on Kate taking Aaron and raising him. Fortunately, Jin’s developed a mastery of English over the past three years, and is able to direct Claire into believing he really lied about Kate, and that the Others do have Aaron. That nippy thinking may have saved him and Kate from the blade of Claire’s axe. Sadly, it was not enough to save our Other friend who was captured along with Jin. Things get a little tenser in camp when we find out, surprisingly, that her “friend” is the smoke monster Locke.


Hurley’s mission takes he and Jack on another trek through the jungle, which coincidentally leads them by the caves where they used to live, forcing Jack to come face to face with his father’s empty casket. The pair arrives at the lighthouse, which begs the question, “How is it that there are so many things they’ve never seen before on the island?” About half a second after asking myself this, Jack expresses the same opinion. Scenes like this one are making me bored with the show. At the top of the lighthouse, which is ancient in age, we find a mirror system, which is used to direct light. The system consists of pulling a chain to rotate this mirror around a dial, which is marked with numbers. Numbers, which also have names beside them, just like in the cave we saw in last week’s episode. Jack realized this, instantly finds his name on the wheel, and turns the dial to his number, 23. When lighthouse’s dial is turned to 23 degrees, Jack sees his childhood residence reflected in the lighthouse’s mirror and, well, loses it. He demands Hurley to enlighten him on why Jacob has been watching him his entire life, a question everyone else would almost certainly like answered as well, and proceeds to destroy the mirror in a fit of frustration. Then, true to form, he sits on a cliff side perch and broods.

In the new reality we find out Jack has a son. I am quite positive this is new information, as I do not recall ever hearing of a child that he needed to get back to. I am confident that this would have come up before and fairly frequently if so. That said, David’s mother remains a mystery. More nagging than that, though, is the appearance of Dogan at David’s piano performance. He talks to Jack and tells him that David has a “special gift.” He tells him this after they both witness David performing at a piano recital; something tells me there is more to this line than made out to be. One thing that remains consistent between island Jack and alternate Jack is his struggle with the emotions left after his father’s death. He tries to be a more supportive father than Christian was to him.


One thing I am superbly happy about is that we are finally getting something about the numbers. Not a whole lot mind you, but a consistent stream of info is coming in now, sorta’.

I feel like we have seen pretty much all of this stuff before. It feels kinda’ old I suppose is what I’m saying. This is the final season, every episode should be filled with new information!

With all of the appearances, by those who were in the island before, in the new reality, I’m beginning to think that maybe the bomb reset the lives of everyone to ever live on the island. That said, it makes no sense because we have Jacob, Richard, and Smokey who have been there since forever. They died perhaps?

One other thing, and this is on Smokey. For a while my friend Brandon over at [link], has been calling Smokey by the name Esau. I never really paid any attention to this, and now I regret not doing so. I was reading in Genesis today when that name popped up in the footers of my scriptures. I immediately turned to the Bible Dictionary to find this:

Elder son of Isaac and twin brother of Jacob. The two brothers were rivals from their birth and became the ancestors of rival nations, the Israelites and Edomites, Esau sold to Jacob his birthright by which he lost both the leadership of the tribe and also the covenant blessing. He married against the wishes of his parents, and settled in Mount Seir. He was living there on Jacob’s return from Padan- aram. By that time he saw clearly that the covenant blessing and the land of Canaan would not be his, and the brothers separated in friendly fashion. Of Esau’s subsequent history nothing is known.

Something tells me that they are not separating in friendly fashion in this version of the story, or that this has absolutely nothing to do with the Bible. Either way, I’m going to start calling Smokey, Esau as well.

New Questions

Who is David’s mother?

Is the real Claire still there deep down inside her Smokey heart?

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