Favorite Releases of February 2010

Posted on March 1, 2010


American VI: Ain’t No Grave by Johnny Cash

The scrapings of the bottom of a barrel. Stained by longing throughout this compilation, his basso profundo thins out in spots to a ragged wheeze. Longing, not for what he is leaving behind, but for what is next. Nevertheless, he is alive and delivering each song with a mastery of style. If there is any justice, Ain’t No Grave will be the last album released under Cash’s name.

Gorilla Manor by Local Natives

An assimilation of its bi-coastal sways. Most critics say this is some sort of algorithm designed to mine and refine indie rock’s most fashionable trends. I agree, to a degree, and in saying that I guess I disagree. Revolutionary or not, for me, this album is a small gem.

I’m New Here by Gil Scott-Heron

Staring in the mirror with self-pity, but not without hope. This album is best appreciated as whole, when you can really absorb what it is he is saying. So sit down, and just listen to this one. My only wish is that it wasn’t produced so well, I mean, it sounds perfect. I am not a fan of perfect sound. Timeless songcraft makes it all worth it though.

Black Noise by Pantha du Prince

Melody over rhythm, for the most part. I’m not a big rhythmic guy, so when I played the first track from this one, I instantly fell in love. Their looping melodies, which in my opinion is time-lapse photography for the ears, are reminiscent of Tycho. Both bring you a trance, without the trance.

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