Posted on March 21, 2010


The Esau parallels are back! In the Bible, Jacob and Esau’s mother, Rebecca, helped her Jacob cheat Esau out of his birthright and hid him afterwards. Just like Smokey’s mommy, she was crazy! At least in Esau and in Smokey’s eyes she was. Not to mention Claire at the train station, waiting on the boarding platform for the crazy train, with Rousseau already on board. Hopefully things turn out better for poor little Aaron, and Claire decides to come around.

Adding to the theory that, what our characters choose in the new time-line judges where they fall on the scale of Esau/Jacob; we have Sawyer choosing to either be a criminal or a cop. We don’t know which way he goes yet, but I’m pulling for him to stick with Miles and be cop. Not only would Kate go to the slammer in the alternate reality, but they’d make a bad-awesome partnership in a spinoff. Oh, and it would show that deep down he is truly a good man.

Now what is really going to be interesting is how Ben and Widmore react to each other. At the moment, the both of them seem to be Anti-Esau. How is that going to work out exactly? They have been enemies since the beginning of this show. “Dude, sorry I had Keamy kill your daughter.” “It’s okay; I tried to kill yours too.” I can’t see these two putting their history aside and cracking open a couple Dharma Beers together anytime soon, but stranger things have happened. Like Ben giving up power, to be with people who care. I think their relationship now depends on Widmore’s reaction, as Ben I feel has accepted the fact that it is indeed his fault Alex was killed. They were kind of on the same side long ago, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they kind of joined the same side one last time.

Lots of set ups this week, and I think that’s what we’re in for next week as well. Based on the previews, we are going to learn all about Richard, which I am really excited for; then maybe everyone will start blowing stuff up.

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