Paddle to Seattle

Posted on March 29, 2010


Two friends build their own kayaks and paddle alone for 97 days in the wilderness over 1,300 miles from Alaska to Seattle. Awesome.

Paddle to Seattle: Journey through the Inside Passage, is an independent documentary chronicling the progress of two intrepid adventurers paddling handmade wooden Pygmy kayaks from Alaska to Seattle.

They navigated the 1,300-mile Inside Passage.  From Alaska to Seattle, it’s North America’s only rainforest.   There are bears on the beach, rain for weeks without rest, and surreal encounters with marine life.  The film follows the two friends on their journey, displaying the beautiful sights before them, and sharing interviews with various people of the region.  All threaded together by the adventurers’ friendship and atypical sense of humor.

You can purchase the film here.

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