Mixtape – 5.3.2010

Posted on May 3, 2010


Take It Easy On Kathy At Least She Can Dance by Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch

Andrew Graham does something with the new group that I have always loved doing. Every player and instrument in the group is restricted to playing one note at a time. No chords allowed. I want to do something like this one day with more creative minds than my own. I want it to sound as great as this.

Sun Dress by HUM

If you are a long-time reader of the blog, you know I am not a fan of perfection in recording/the studio. I like a little life and feeling in a song outside of the lyrics and written music. I like to hear the small nuances that remind it is human. HUM was a perfectionist in the studio for all of their albums, except for this one. It just so happens that this is my favorite of the four, and it is awesome.

The Courage of Others by Midlake

Back in February, I wrote a little bit about Midlake’s most recent record. I said, “It would seem right at home soundtracking an ancient massacre on some desolate [land]…” I did not realize then how correct that statement was. I have yet to listen through the entire record in one sitting, and I realize now, why that is. A sense of hope, is not found anywhere within the songs of this record. Tale after tale of courage the character does not have, because he has no hope. And that is not me. However, the music is still beautiful.

Rhinoceros by The Smashing Pumpkins

This song has two key elements that make it a splendid song. The first element, as with all great songs, is found in the lyrics. And as always with Billy Corgan, his lyrics individually compose dreams unique to you and only you. The second element is the ripping guitar solo that tears its way through the melancholy melodies of the song; and as always with Billy Corgan, his guitar compositions are distinctive and exclusive to him and only him.

Summer Bummer by The Big Big Bucks

Catchy guitar riffs, constant beats, and signature lines. The same formula that made Weezer popular. These guys aren’t popular yet, so it is still great. Because let’s face it, once a song becomes a mainstream success, it loses its value as a song. Sad, really.

Shiny Things by Tom Waits

He recalls the less-than-shiny things he left behind. The glittering bourbon bottles and race track tickets. He also recalls coming home with a home-cooked meal nowhere to be found and nights full of little sleep. However, his voice does not fill up with resent; it fills up with unbearable regret instead.

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