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The Billboard Top 200

June 16, 2010


26 years ago, a band out of Seattle began making music.¬†They have been described as sounding like an explosion in a machine shop, a drum set falling down stairs, a wolverine and a trout in a blender, ice cream and pickles, and talentless geeks. Personally, I think they sound like, The Melvins. Two weeks ago, […]

At Bat

April 7, 2010


Baseball season has officially started. I have never been the biggest fan of baseball; however, I have always kept up with it, because I simply love sports. If you were to turn on my television right now, or anytime really, you would find ESPN being broadcast into your brain. I do not really know what […]

Mixtape – 3.29.2010

March 29, 2010


Night Goat by The Melvins Not grunge, but sludge, and one of the finest rock songs ever composed. Sink Hole by Drive-by Truckers Ever fantasize about inviting the heartless banker to your home for supper, and burying the man in a sink hole on the foreclosed land that has been in your family for five […]