Joseph Schuerman

I’m a 19 year old gentleman. 5′ 9″, and I write with my right hand, because it is the right way to write. I love bright colors, yet I love the rain. Oreo’s are where it is at. Therefore, do not say, “Woot! There it is!” unless it really is there, which means there are Oreo’s. The Smashing Pumpkins were the greatest band ever, end of story. I find myself watching ‘Say Anything…’ probably once a month, simply because it’s damn good movie. Spearmint flavored gum is my preference as far as gum goes, and Cream Soda from the Jones Soda Company is paramount to all other sodas. Autumn has to be the best season ever invented. The word ‘awesome’, is indeed awesome. Scars are tattoos with way better stories. I’m not the biggest fan of ice cream, but dairy products are the best. I try to play guitars, bowed psalteries, harmonicas, dulcimers, banjos, keyboards, and buckets. I love NPR and pizza with pineapple. Reading it the best way to lose yourself, and at the same time find yourself. Camping/Hiking is the best way to get lost while finding yourself. I’m a member of the Zune Nation, and thank to Windows 7 I have lost all desire to blow a couple grand on an Apple computer. I’m a fan of the Seahawks, the Mariners, and the Sounders FC. Seattle; the emerald city of goodwill, the bluest blues, the greenest greens, and the grayest grays. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, and the ocean; it is without a doubt, the city of my dreams.

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